Why the hell are Americans so stupid?

Why the hell are Americans so stupid?
A caveat: A great many Americans are culturally and geographically literate. Typically, they're people in business, people online (AOL and WebTV users excepted), most (but not all) teachers... these Americans are culturally and geographically literate. With that out of the way, here are some personal theories. (Ain't the Web a great place to vent?)

1. Hollywood.
No, it's not a nefarious Hollywood plot. The vast majority of popular movies and television shows are either set in the US or some bizarre fantasy world. American viewers rarely see other cultures or other countries. Meanwhile, the rest of the world gobbles up this Hollywood crap. The result? People in the rest of the world think they know more about the US than the average American knows about, say, Switzerland. For the most part they're right, although they do form rather weird misconceptions about the US.
2. Lazy parents.
I come from a family of voracious readers, and if you've read this far you probably did too. I've always loved to read. I've also always loved maps, and my parents encouraged this. Kids can easily discover the pleasures of learning about the rest of the world, but too many parents don't give a crap. Their kids are in day care all day, and when they come home Mom is content to plop their butts in front of the television, placated on a diet of Nintendo and bad Korean animation. (Not to pick on Mom, because she works hard. Mom and Dad are usually divorced at this point, if they were ever married in the first place, and Dad is out trolling the bars.)

I am convinced that this is the primary reason why so many of our kids are illiterate and/or oblivious to the world around them. Parents, get off your lazy asses and act as good role models.
3. Nonsense in our schools.
Schools have become warehouses for children, with hassled, underpaid teachers having to spend more time dealing with bureaucratic bullsh**, stupid educational theories (i.e., the Open Classroom concept and "self-esteem"), and disciplinary action than actual teaching. It doesn't help that so many parents don't give a hoot once their kid's in school - the school's simply now a free combination day care/restaurant/medical dispensary/discipline center for them to drop their kids off. Public education is a big suckhole that devours more of our tax dollars each year, so where the hell does our tax money go? It sure doesn't go to the teachers.
4. Self-Gratification
So many American kids get no direction in life other than self-gratification. "If it feels good, do it!" seems to be their motto, and since their parents live that way why should they be any different? I've never understood parents allowing their high school-age children to go on "spring break". Spring break is an excuse for children to get drunk without any supervision. It's natural for kids to want to do that. What's NOT natural is that so many parents think it's OK.

5.Perhaps Americans aren't that stupid.
Since the US is an enormous country compared to individual European countries, Americans haven't had to be as "international" as the residents of the many small European countries. While this is changing with the expansion of global trade, most Americans still only deal with other Americans in the course of their everyday lives, as opposed to Europeans who regularly deal with neighboring countries that have different cultures.


brenda.aguilera.93 said...

very respectfully I think that instead of criticizing Americans, you should reverse the situation. There are many other stupid people that aren't American. Stop judging and do something else besides writing rude comments.

david said...

thats why we are American Brenda...we aren't satisfied with being like "many other stupid people that arent American". lol wow you sound like quite the rocket scientist go back to Oprah beeeyotch.

James Goswell said...

Ummm, you're dumb simply because you are imbred fools


eleni said...

xaxaxaxa ur so right.... europeans are making this country a lil better then it is....

Ferdiand said...

Americans are by far the most stupid people on earth. They BELIEVE that they are the most wise, richest,and humble people who deserve all what they have. The truth is that all good they have came from abroad, specially came from the time of world war II when all countries were destroyed and the only place left was America. Now they are the people with more greed, selfishness,idolatry (self), cowardice,liars,murderers,drug addicts, lazy, dumb,racist,lust, gluttony,sloth, easy to wrath, revenge,just to name a few. I live among them so I know.

Sinedan said...

Americans set their boundaries and have no wish at all to even look over the fence. I had a friend from Texas, he worked for almost ten years at different embassies here in Europe (Ireland Slovenia, Spain) and somehow he didn't make it to visit his parents very often. And then he returned for good. He didn't see his first door neighbor for all that years. And the first morning after his arrival he stepped out of the house when he hears that neighbor asking him where have you benn all this time, what did you do....??
And my friend explained him in details.... and then he asked what's new with him.... "I bought a new lawn mower"!!!!!!! was his answer.

You see where the world stops for a great number of Americas. Limited by the fence.

Kaldia said...

I am an American who went abroad to the UK to go to University, and stayed on for another year. So I was out of the country or 5 years. I went through different phases, first hating how stupid everyone in my country was and blaming them for the way I was sometimes treated in Europe...then back to missing my home.

The truth is, America is a huge country - and I do love the good people of it. I also acknowledge there are lots of ridiculous self centered uncultured idiots...and unfortunately there is more isolated land for them to roam around...which doesn't motivate traveling for many.

However, I am American. And I'd like to consider myself not an idiot....and I have friends who fall in the same boat. A lot people in other countries (aka some of my previous housemates) don't analyze what they hear or see about the States either...and immediately write us off as "Stupid useless Americans" after seeing a news snippet before even evaluating what they are looking at. I once got punched at a party just for answering a random drunk guy when he asked me where I was from. (Im a girl by the way)

I love my friends in Europe, and Asia, and The Middle East...but Im also happy to be American, and hope to do my little part to better our image.

noahmets said...

I am an american, and go to an american high school. I follow politics, sports, and get good grades, but about 70% of the grade does not care, and does not even know about their surroundings! I asked a girl in my grade where we were on the map (Westchester County, a suburb of NYC), and she pointed near Albany. Some kids don't even know how to get to the other side of the town. America does not need to have better education, it has to focus on teaching people politics and maps before algebra and calculus. Also, many people claim that "The Rent is too Damn High Party" is good, but they don't even know what any of the parties mean. This is not just at my school, 2% of new yorkers in the gubernatorial race voted for "The Rent is Too Damn HIgh Party." Going to school in recent times, I conclude that education is not very good, and without active parents and research, I probably would not know about politics or any other important issues.

Wallis said...

Are you a european? No, wait, you most definitely are. Let me tell you something.

You see this shit you just posted up? The only fucking real thing I found in there was that mose american parents and children would like to end the day watching tv or playing xbox. The rest is all bullshit. Have you ever actually talked to anyone before in america? Did you take your head out of your asshole for just one second to say hello to someone else in america? No, you didn't, because if you did, they'd say hello back and start talkign with you. Would a stupid person do that? What made you think that way? I can tell, just from reading this post, that you have absolutly no life and never go outside, just like the "americans" you talked about. I've actually traveled the world. I've been to europe, america, mexico, china, austrailia, and I can see clearly that people aren't stupid. I don't judge them by their race or looks or what they know. Some people in this world can't afford to earn a fucking proper education like you privilaged bastard can. If you really were to travel the world, and see what my eyes have seen, then you wouldn't have thought of yourself as being is fucking high. I'm not saying that people in america don't lie, or steal, cheat or do all that bullshit. What I'm saying is that you should get some balls and take a look at the big picture, not like that tiny shit you look at right now.

Wallis said...

and all those other shits like ferdiand and sinedan who, just because of a little turn of the tables, start backtalking about america. And you call yourselves fucking americans! So, if someone starts spewing shit about europe, would you start to do the same! There are over forty other posts that have all sorts of bullshit badmouthing europe. Why don't you go over there huh? Or is it because you've been rejected by them because you're such a dicksucker? What do you spend your time doing? Playing with yourself because you've got nothing better to do? Well, I'm all for america and I love Europe! They're all the fucking same! You've just been sticking your heads into asshole for too long

GregManning said...

I am an 'Merican. It's unfortunate. Most of the people I come into contact with are not very intelligent. Usually it is because they let their preconceived emotions, opinions, and self righteous pride get in the way of common sense and logic. Here is a primary example:

"Did you take your head out of your asshole for just one second to say hello to someone else in america? No, you didn't, because if you did, they'd say hello back and start talkign with you. Would a stupid person do that?"

This sounds so very intelligent. It proves my point wonderfully.

If you said hello to a stupid person, they would say hello back and talk you. It's the ignorance of these people that keeps them talking. They are not aware of what they are saying.

Need I say more?

Kata said...

You see, if you are American, than you won't realize that you are 'stupid' (under-educated compared to European countries).

For example, In my country (Hungary) they espect to speak at least 2 foreign languages at a fluent level. So I speak native Hungarian, and fluent English and German like most people.

Other thing is, that that most American universities gives education on a level, like a European collage which is shameful.

Last thing I'v noticed is the mass number of 'retards' in the US. Example: I've read about a woman in the US, who put her cat into the microwave(!!) to get her dried. Later she demanded millions from the manufacturer company, because they didn't said that she can't put her can in there because it's lethal. And she won. And the joke is, that this is perfectly normal in the US, while this was a very big story here in Europe. If you would do this here, probably you would end up in the jail for year, for torturing and killing an animal. And asking for millions?? They would have throw you out from the court thinking that you are a retard or something.

There are countless other stories that I can remember and 90% of these are from America. Yesterday a burglar killed the goldfish, because he didn't want to leave any witnesses...

Litton said...

As thickheaded as he is, Wallis has a point. You can't just judge a country by the people you meet. It's not fair to the others that aren't dumb. I think that "all men are equal; that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights." We all don't need to be posting hateful comments about each other!

@Kata: haha yeah, I can't disagree with that! But the problem is, you're not looking at the bad side of Europe and are not looking at the good side of america. Now, that would make your point of view a little biased, wouldn't it?

P.S.: I'm european.

Litton said...

@Kata: I assume you are european too? Then isn't it true that prostitution (no offence intended whatsoever.) is legal in most european countries: France, Germany, Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Greece, Turkey, Hungary, Latvia etc...?

And isn't it true that the only state where prostitution is legal in america is nevada?

I could pull up examples of good and bad things about both countries all day. But, you see, that is what makes them the same.


Grant said...

Kata, I'm not denying that the education level for the average american is not as high as Europe. However, you just pointed out that you speak english very fluently. Why then is your grammer so poor? If you say it's just typos, then that means that you are making the mistakes of an american.

Also, the reason why the rate of crime is higher in the US than in Europe is because their government allows what ours prohibits. I wonder, does that actually make your country more "rightous" than ours?

As far as I'm concerned, we're all the same. And anyone who thinks otherwise is really the "dumb americant."

john said...

There are morons all over the world. Just for the fact that you are arguing over grammar and who's country is better makes u fairy flute playin faggots even bigger morons. America has a lot of stupid illiterate theives and scumbags but so does everybody else. Geography does not determine your intelligence.

Douglas said...

Look people, morons do exist all over the world, but the article isn't disputing that, it is becoming ever more apparent that America is failing to provide a well-rounded education of things that the other well developed countries read in their children pop up books. Its not americans that are to blame, I'm sure they have the potential ability, it's the quality of socialisation and media that is lacking. I'm English and know all 50 states but I bet the average American can't name one English county, or more than 5 European countries

Daniel said...

It'S is so sad that everyone argues over Americans and English . 1 there's over 300million Americans not all are dumb or ignorant. There is over 50 million English. To be Honest every country has it's ups and downs take for example. America has more crime well no shit there 300million.Bad thing for English is yea there universal healthcare and Muslims are taking over. Were suppose to be brothers in arms. Sad thing is this world loves to hate and spit. No RESPECT , if you lower yourself to be racist fascist or just plan stupid then keep typing your remarks on here for other people to read. America and England both have faults there good sides and bad side but apparently America is hated most. I'm Proud to be an American where at least i know im free. Feel free to leave your childish comment cause most the people that comment on this shit are probably under the ages of 20 and are poor educated from both countries. Time to grow up kids.

Mark said...

your life is a failure kid.

Zach said...

Some people in the world are truly just dumb asses. It's just that in america there are so many people on the same landmass watching the same media(like what he said about hollywood) and we don't get a look at the outside world. Our government controls everything we read, watch, eat, ect. I love america, but i hate our corrupt government. I don't know much about European cultures because i haven't been there but like kata said Europe's educational system is way ahead of ours. Most american kids/teenager probably wouldn't know what Mandarin Chinese was if you asked them. We need a cultural revolution where the PEOPLE make choices, not the fat rats at the top who tell us what to do. Open your mind, open you heart, and realize that every country has dumb people.

c476cbf0-0c00-11e1-9795-000bcdcb8a73 said...

Everything that the US says it is against is exactly what the US is doing to its people. Everything we are able to learn is filtered so as to restrict our knowledge. This, added to false American pride, creates an overall idiotic atmosphere for everyone to wallow in.

An example of how things TRULY are in the US: if Adolf Hitler were alive today, I'm pretty sure he would envision the US as his role model. Your typical American would immediately dismiss this claim and never consider the possibility of its validity... But I'm sure that if you're really on the outside looking in, you can find the correlations.

The source of this stupidity isn't exactly from the education systems... It's actually from this country's bloody past. The US fought and won so many wars. After World War II, the American people were stunned by the firepower their country had gained. Due to this, celebration erupted and people took pride in their country. This is normal... at least it would be normal had it ever ended. Nowadays, people are STILL taking pride in victories that were gained decades ago even though they have done nothing but celebrate the entire time. 9/11 should have been a wake up call, but... the way that things are going now, the people and their stupidity will be the ultimate downfall of this country.

I often have the opportunity to speak to people from different countries. In most countries - usually Asian - one of the first questions they ask me is what I do. Simply put, over there it is custom to aim to stand out and be the best at something that can benefit their country. Over here however, the custom is to find some job that simply pays a lot of money, scowl at the taxes for the government, and separate yourself from the rest of the world...

... I rambled. Too bad no one is listening...

jules said...

I am a retired Australian teacher who now lives in the Philippines. I was always under the impression that Americans were innovative but not so. Most of the ideas here come from America e.g. building supplies, electrical goods and fittings. Americans don't use power points with on/off switches for example. You just plug the appliance in. So much for safety. Americans are not required to use safety glass on sliding doors so of course you can't get it here. Americans still use shower curtains instead of more modern screens in bathrooms so once again you can't buy them here. Americans have their toilets in their bathrooms (yuck) so most of the houses here are the same. When we had our house built we insisted on a separate toilet and were viewed as being weird.I like Americans and have some great friends here but I am perplexed at times by their almost backward ideas and resistance to change.

DanielA817 said...

Through my life I have noticed that one of the most ignorant things a person can do is generalize.(Which seems to be reoccurring theme here) I am an American,(my last name is America). I am Proud of my country. I believe that it has issues. Still that doesn't mean that it hasn't done some amazing things. (creating one of the longest lasting forms of democracy, and being a model for other countries has to stand for something). I also hear a lot about Americans, for example we are all hot headed and competitive, maybe that results from decades of capitalism where it is the survival of the fittest. The comment about us being proud of past military achievements bothers me, do you not look back fondly on your achievements?(by the way if it wasn't for us many more Europeans would be speaking German).The last issue I would like to address is that reference to the U.S. is similar to the Nazis in WWII, the main difference I see is that Hitler believed that he was divine and had a cult like organization in his government. If the U.S. government tried to regulate religion there would be a revolution on the spot. Its a piece on which our nation is founded, and I don't see changing in the future.

P.S. I'm sixteen, so again generalizations about educational systems can easily be countered.

Derek said...

The fact that Americans are stupid is just a stereotype. I don't think there's real scientific data that can show that Americans are less smart on average than people of other nations.

neo1233 said...

I would say a combination of many factors are contributing to the stupifying levels of thought in america...an interest concept is the reduction in iq has been steadily declining as the co2 levels rise...hmmm carbon dioxide will kill...maybe we are slowly killing are brains with carbon emissions levels and thus the american intellect is suffering for the lack of forethought...we also have the education system...the kids from the late eighties early nineties who are as dumb as doorknobs but can memorize real good...i've heard several times from people that real learning is memorization, memorizing the book, etc...quite the contrary, this is the lowest form of intelligence there is...ask a book what it thinks about a topic. this is the totally idiotic thinking that people in america (at least here in houston) are thinking...a way out of this stupifying mess...lose some brain cells and join in...to the nonsense.

jon h said...

America is a very diverse country. To call America stupid would be calling the whole world stupid. The school i attend has many students that are from another country or are multi cultured. I feel like there are a few that dont accept them but as a whole our community embraces those cultures and celebrates them. Im not saying that America is the best country but saying that Americans are stupid doesn't put you at the top of the totem pole. If you think that America is full of idiots then you dont know the other 90%. Just because you are fed with news that America is failing and watch television shows making fun of America doesn't mean that it is all true. Most Americans dont judge people by their ethnicity. Most Americans read and write and have the opportunity to be successful. America was a country founded by the people of the world. To be an American means that you have ancestors that came from all over the world. Thats why I dont judge others because you and I are both human and thats the only race that I see.

Unknown said...

there are stupid people all over the world in every country, but a lot of the. Seem to be in the US, no its not because of its population, it's because American schools are bad. Some schools are good, and so are some colleges/universities, but if you asked an American what is the capital of Israel, the majority of them would say Jerusalem, or in my case, Hannukah.... a study was done in 2003 and it showed that 7 out of 10 Americans didn't know where Iraq was even though they had troops there. Most Americans don't now what is between Iraq and Russia, I won't tell you, that's for you to google earth, I'll give you a hint, there are 3 and one of them shares the name with one of your states. Not all Americans are stupid but a lot are. Go and ask any American how WWI started and most of them won't know, ask them who the united states fought in WWI and some of them won't know, ask them what MDCCLXXVI stands for and most of them won't know, and also ask them what is special about that year and to their shame, they won't know. Some Americans think that their country is the richest, nope, the US is $14,000,000,000,000 in debt ($14 trillion for you Americans who can't count), they think they are the most powerful, is that why they were destroyed in Vietnam? You lost to Vietnam and Russia, you also can't start anymore wars because of your debt. You think that the riots caused by the burning of the Quran in Afghanistan is stupid, to Muslims that is the equivalent of the Bible being burnt. But most Americans don't even know the first 3 books of the Old testament or the new testament of the bible, many Americans probably don't know that Jesus was a Jew, they probably don't even know what the difference is between Christianity or Judaism, or for that matter, the difference between Protestant and Catholic, that's right they are both Christians. Most Americans don't even know the meaning of Christmas or Easter, you think Christmas is all Santa, presents, and parties. You think Easter is Easter bunny and eggs, you don't deserve to be Christian if you don't even know this.

I would go on but I'm getting bored of just sitting here, that's right, entertainment exists outside of your computer or phone.

Dan124 said...

Not all Americans are stupid and ignorant, BUT... 99.9% are so dumb it amazes me how they manage to tie their shoelaces! America is a nation full of Idiots!!!

Unknown said...

I agree with the guy above me, a lot of Americans don't know much.

Kara said...

This fight is pointless. Why fight over who is smarter or who is stupid. Is everyone in high school? There are all different kinds of people in the world and no matter the race, religion, country, backgroung,we are all the same. Everyone wants to be happy and live their lives. Every country has their fill of stupid people, its a universal thing. Saying all Americans are stupid is like saying all Asians cannot drive, or all Middle Easterns are terrorist. Its simpley not true. In every country you will find different people and no one has the right to judge people. Let people be happy and focus on your own life. No one is perfect and until you are I wouldnt be so judgemental.

coolstorybro said...

i am american, but i also believe that many people that live here are unbelievably stupid and ignorant. there are, of course, the brighter people, but it still enrages me to see how much shit there is here. i have decided that when i can afford to, im moving to either england or canada. i will be amazed if every country hasn't turned against america in the next 5 years. i can see how much is wrong in this "great land", and im only 14! it's an embarrasment!

ern said...

I agree look at the last 5 presidents we voted for people still think it matters democrate or republican.Teachers too are realy having a hard time some just show movies,schools are run like a bussiness.

david said...

I would like to offer an observation regarding the majority of the above mentioned posts. The vast bulk of comments are riddled with grammatical and spelling errors. It's difficult to take commentary on intelligence seriously when so few cannot command their own language.

belterith said...

What's wrong with legal prostitutes if its not your going to increase the risk of danger to the females that are going to do it illegal or not, like how it is in the states, you generate an increased revenue for gangs, give the poor women no rights to defend themselves or conduct buisness in a safe sanitary environment with no medical checkups once every 3 Weeks. That's before their customers that for some reason are either socially or mentally challenged who without that release are obviously going to end up dragging sum1 from the street resulting in an innocent person being potentially brutally beaten raped and murdered

Unknown said...

To ern, your first sentence already gave me an idea, can the majority if Americans name more than 5 presidents? I'm not even American and I can name 20, can you name all of your states? I can't but I know most of them. My point is that recently, the American media is becoming shittier with shit news, music, and education. The news will say world news but half of it will be about American politics and all of the news is America, domestic or international, has to be come how releated to America otherwise they won't show it.

Unknown said...

And to coolstorybro, don't come to Canada, we get payed less, stuff costs more, especially houses which are always above $650,000, go to England, they are less corrupt, and don't move to East london, too many gangs, you will probably get shot.

just some guy said...

warning my post is very long so if you dont feel like reading just skip... okay I am a 18 year old latino who was born in america but has lived in many diffrent countries. over my many years of travelling and living in many diffrent countries and experiancing their coultures, I have experianced and been in contact with many diffrent kinds of people, and sadly americans have been the most unpleasant people I have been in contact with, let me clarify that i do not hate america, but i have to say that americans are well... unpleasant open racism, obvious ignorance, clear disregard for respect or other people, and just plain greed are many things that make americans so hard to like, I wish i could say that america is atleast trying to make its people more well rounded and self aware, but that just doesnt seem to be happening. as i stated before i am an american but i find it so hard to identify with other americans i have seen so many examples of american ignorance first hand that i feel almost embarresed to call myself american when visiting other countries. Although i agree with the fact that many europeans are quick to label americans as dumb and ignorant they do make a good point there is more evidence to prove that europeans opinion of americans is true than there is to prove its false, i mean the things that americans say about other races and people(openly and as if they werent saying anything at all)is just terrible and it almost seems encouraged, and as i write all these negative comments about america and try to think of things i could say about other countries to even the criticism... i cant think of anything, in the countries ive viseted japan, china, spain, thailand, sweden and my own ethnic home country mexico i cant think of anything thats genuanlly negative to say, except for mexico i will admit its not a good place but even there the people are self aware and hardworking, in america which is supposedly a coulturally accepting country i have been the victim of A LOT of racism my white girlfriend was killed for dating me a mexican, and i myself was attacked constantly, and this is in america where i thought i was supposed to welcomed, in japan and china countries where i was obviously a newcomer i was treated with so much welcome and respect that it was ridiculous, the same for sweden(and if i might add is home to some of the most beautifull people in the world who are not overwheight like most americans) i was obviously an outsider but the people still accepted me kindly and were more than happy to show me their beautiful country, i truly wish for the sake of young american children that americans can some day fix its morally backwards behavior and mindset but i cant see that happening i have seen too many examples of american ignorance for me to have any hope left and to the few good intelligent and wonderfull americans i have met i encourage them to move to other countries where their intelligence and uniqueness can truly be appreciated. america is a country that truly has the potential to be a leading example for democracy and equality but sadly this potential seems to wasted.

Whoopdeedoo said...

It's the ignorance that many American's harbor that create the perception of us being idiotic. It's the close-mindedness that American's hold that create the barrel roll. Indeed, many American's believe that we're a superior country, but that's because that's what society crams down our throat. Given that fact that in our everyday lives, we only come across fellow Americans, it's all that we are exposed to.
In Europe, one is continuously surrounded by different countries.

However, much like the thick-headed Wallis above, many American's quickly jump the gun and create assumptions.

I do agree with much of the content of the post. Fuck yeah, The divorce rate in America is like flipping a coin. Many parent's in America don't deal with their children anymore like a true parent should. School now stifles your creativity and imagination and gives one no wings to fly and expect you to sprout them.

We're a fucked up country, I believe it. But we're not the only ones.

In fact, most would think a girl like me would be impossible to even concieve. I'm sixteen, I'm African-America and I'm a fucking American, but I'm not as stupid as you put out to be.
What should that tell you?

As far as my case goes, nature wins in this round.

Someone in this world is doing something right.

Whoopdeedoo said...
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cherrydollipop said...

I completely agree with all of this. I was living outside of the US for a year dealing with other cultures and different people was a breath of fresh air. Americans are arrogant and rude. I didn't get stupid questions at interviews expecting me to give BS answers and lie they were completely to the point. What they wanted for the job was clearly stated. I was always given a precise time I'd hear back from them if I didn't it meant I didn't get the job no lies. You have people here being treated so disrespectful at work places they flip out and kill people. Employers here think they can talk to you any way they want its bs.

CBlue94 said...

Uh...Okay. My grandparents came from Italy with a dream in mind--to escape the wrath of socialism and all the other super-controls of European governments. Saying that Americans are "stupid" is like saying every other country in the world is "stupid" because American is built from immigrants from YOUR countries, you dumbfucks. Plus, we are doubled in size than half the nations you are talking about. Thus, there is more room for a high concentration of stupid people because there is just simply more room in general. If you compare something very obscure and small to a whopping percentage of North America called the United States, then you are just setting yourself up to win because it is an unfair advantage.

NOW since you clearly know NOTHING about the ACTUAL US...

-The stupidity lays mainly in the South, (i.e. Mississippi, Kentucky, Oklahoma, etc.) THESE are the folks you see on Teen Mom, and the people who give mega-corporations and idiots such as the Kardashians and all those other fake-Hollywood assholes their power. The South is made up of consumers and hardly anyone goes to college. If you talk to them about slaves, some of them will still tell you they should have their own personal slaves. These people are (MOSTLY) inbred, sheltered, or just plain lacking education.

YET the only thing I do agree upon with you is that public education is a joke. I've had to teach myself everything I know, mostly because I am naturally intelligent and want answers, while my peers simply stagger around, wallowing in ignorance. YET you are ignoring the fact that many kids go to private schools, and even the public school kids make it to colleges such as Harvard, Yale, etc, WHICH by the way, are housed in the ol' U-nited States.

To top it all off, I am seventeen years old, I'm graduating early with honors, I've written a novel, and am attending college early this fall with a $78,000 scholarship to Suffolk University in Boston (The smartest city in America, the College City of America) and plan to transfer to an even better university because I WORK HARD.

Now, if you will kindly show me a non-biased, educated European who doesn't base their argument of Hollywood's 'finest' and the lower class, maybe I shall agree.

Let's see the lower class of your country, eh? What are they still neanderthal farmers that sleep away their nights in a cave? At least our lower layer of socioeconomic structure works our McDonalds. Where do you think our obese go?

I see you here, from the top.

Shashika Dhupelia said...

I am a South African living in America for the past year. I speak perfect English, of course not with an American accent, so i pronounce things slightly differently, and I have travelled to many other countries prior to this. I won't generalise and say that all Americans are stupid, I would use the word self-centred instead. MOST that I have met have no concept of where South Africa even is, and have asked me if we speak "African" there. Nowhere else in the world have I had to explain the history of my country (and it does have a famous history, what with apartheid and Nelson Mandela etc) The problem is that schools arent teaching world history, and this is comtributing to the ongoing ignorance that gets mistaken for stupidity. And maybe teachers should inform american students that people from the UK and South Africa speak with different accents so that they don't look at us like confused puppies when we say can't, tomato, or pass differently. :-)

Scandalf said...

Your comment was hilarious! But maybe too biased on Dixie Americans!
Anyway, as an Italian that lived in the States, I saw the best and worst of two Worlds. I think most of the comments up here are unfair. Sure, there is a certain lack of culture... but I admire the fact that the U.S. gives the opportunities people deserve and this is something you hardly find in Europe (well at least South and East Europe). Plus, alot of Europeans think of Americans as racist. I can assure you that Europeans are far more racist!

Sua said...

Hey. I'm Korean.
I think that Korean kids are considered pretty smart. But Korea has the number 1 rank in suicide.

If you think that Americans are dumb, than OK. (I don't particularly think so),But every country has a plus side and a down side. If being dumb is the down side, thats fine.

John Glass said...

I agree most American are very stupid and I'm from America. One of the reasons Americans are dumb is because America isn't very culturally diverse. So we develop stereotypes for many cultures which aren't true.
Another is our education standards that are so much lower than that in many other places. It's like Kata said in her country (Hungary) most people speak two foreign languages Fluently. While here in America it's rare to find someone who can speak one foreign language fluently. Many Americans don't even receive a chance to learn a foreign language in our public school systems until high school.
I believe someone in here mentioned many people don't have enough money to get an education. That doesn't stop you from getting an education. It doesn't cost anything to get a high school education. Even though a high school education doesn't account to much in America it's still better than dropping out like so many do. While for college even if you don't have the money for it you can work towards it.
Also Americans take so much for granted and are obnoxious. In the London Underground not very many people are talking and if they are they're doing it quietly also you rarely see anyone on there phone. While you can pinpoint the Americans because they're so loud.

@Litton: You mentioned how prostitution isn't illegal in many European countries. Should it be? I agree that its wrong but should that make it illegal? I mean its your choice. Also does making something Illegal stop it from happening?

Thats another thing about America. Our Government tries to control way to many thing. They try to get there noses into everybody's business.

Christian Weller said...

I think this discussion has been very productive, so I would like to throw in my 50 cents.

I'm a native German living in southeast Asia, just for reference (and for you to classify me ;-)).
The perception of ignorance is mostly subjective and influenced by your standpoint. When I was 18-19 I thought I could say that all Germans are highly educated. Until I was drafted to the military service. There I met people from all "classes" and education levels. Boy was I wrong. Ignorance is everywhere!
As I grew up and a bit of wisdom came to me, I realized what causes ignorance: your environment! It is very generic, so we can break up the environment into:

Your parents
The place you live
The friends you grow up with
The information you are fed
The school you attend
Your education level
Your job
Your working environment
and many more...

My school education level is relatively high, so I get the chance to criticize more and I got stories for half way around the world, but I try to do this in an unbiased way, and since the subject is "Dumb American", I will focus on my experience with Americans.
I have met exquisite people, boasting a high education and incredible eloquence, knowledge of world history and politics etc. but these were all folks who have seen other parts of the world. Rarely I have met people who never left the country, and their knowledge was. sadly, very limited. And I can say that ignorance goes through all levels of society, rich and poor. A rich lady could not give me a tissue until I asked for a "Kleenex". An electronics engineer asked me "What part of China is Singapore?".
People in the States are, if they don't do anything against it, victims of the media. They are taught to care about their country blindly and eat what information they are fed. The political aspect of the media finds no consensus; everything is based on opinions, there is no neutral piece of news: there are two extreme sides, and never come together, so some decide to stick with one side, and get nuts because of all the biased information they get.
This is what causes people of other countries to think Americans are stupid. Some certainly use their general knowledge to build up arrogance vs. a country that has a higher GDP than theirs, but after taking away the "sour grapes" feeling, we find that all cultures have potential for improvement.
What I wish from the US government though, is that they would not pursue their interests by affecting other countries and cultures.


Rising Comet said...

This is the reason so many people think we are an idiotic country, self centered around ourselves and preaching what we think is the right thing, the preceded language you used serves as a monument to how uncivilized you are. Learn to use a wider range of vocabulary and not to use foul language when responding to someone, it just makes you the idiot.

Goobs said...

Just remember that without Americans most of the world would have boring television, no lights, no phones, no traffic signals, no peanut butter, no smoke detectors, no tesla coil, and millions of other things we use in daily life.

When you refer to Americans, you refer to all of us. If you want to be correct, you should say "Why the hell are some Americans so stupid?" because to completely call all Americans stupid is ignorant and unfounded.

Neocripts said...

of course, it's not their fault as human beings for being "stupid". It's much more then that. I have never been in USA so I can't say so much really. But what I think is the problem is in some way the education they have, what i see many of the americans doesnt know anything about geographics outside their country... also they so strongly believes that they are still that "free" countly and the "new world" it was before in the beginning somewhat after the boston tea party. and also that they believes so much that their is a god and that he is "blessing their country" and they lay much things to "him".. also I can't understand why they try to have a war against terrorism? you can't have a war against something that has a "cause". there is a reason why some people hate them and the reason why 9/11 happened was clearly because USA did a illigal bombing some years ago that and killed ALOT of innocent civilians and many children. really THEY america was the terrorists their by doing that. and usama bin laden just did the same thing back (which was really horrible to...) and the same thing about the war against the drugs: what kind of stupid idea is that? to have a war against people using drugs.. there is allways going to be people doing drugs.. even if we kill all of them it will pop up more because people maybe is deppressed or have a really shitty life. I know that the main target is the drug dealers, which is a good idea.. but clearly it hasent done anything good. that drug war only cost alot of money. why don't you look at other countries that have done other things about the drugs and been alot more succesfull? kill or bust a drug dealer and there will be a new one right after. and the producers is usully poor farmers just trying to survive, if you get rid of all the plants for marijuana, cocaine and heroin you will firstly ruin the farmers lifes and also there will pop up new drugs if you still doesnt care about the users also.. the only good thing I can see here is to legalize all drugs (not completely, NEVER), but to take it in to the economic stytem, take taxes for the drugs being sold, make the farmers get more money for the crops beacuse there will be no druglord paying them really cheap prices. that will save you alot of money for the jails, and the druglords will not make so much black money.. to save more money: do not have these wars and play "worlds police", because you do not have any rights to that and none but you guys like it..

if something is confusing or something just listen to what ron paul says, I think exactly like him, he is a really wise man and really seems like the only guy in the election that acctually have any common sense.. I can not get why such a idiot like mitt romney gets so many votes, well I think i know: you are so ignorant. you americans should wake up. NOW

you owe the world 44 Trilion dollars. in you should live poorer then some countries in africa actually. you are just living on other countries money. what will you do if china desides they want their money back?

so much text.. sorry for my bad english :)

and as I write before: I have never been in USA and do not know so much. This is only things I believe from my mind. Thanks

steve martin said...

Ha ha listen to your selfs omg

Roslyn Ross said...

It's an important question given how much military weaponry the US controls.
Here are some possible reasons:
1. the worst education system in the developed world.
2. the worst media in the developed world and probably the world.
3. the fact that only 20% of Americans possess a passport and so have never seen anywhere else.
4. the fact that Americans are fed the myth that the US is as good as it gets - it isn't - the average American has the worst quality of life of any citizen in the developed world.
5. too much religion of the fundamentalist, incredibly ignorant and stupid kind.
6. Too much power too soon so Americans really have no interest in others.
7. Too much poverty so Americans don't have the time or opportunity to travel or communicate through the internet etc.
Just a few thoughts -

maddemay said...

I'm an American, and about the only thing I'm proud of is our brave men and women in the armed forces. I'm proud of our past, of the "Greatest Generation" of WWII ; but nothing of our people today. Obviously this isn't a blanket statement but it's my general way of thought. Any one who is contradicting this blogger and using cuss words is the PRIME example of our ignorance...

David Park said...
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Mambo Bananapatch said...

It's true that there are other stupid people in the world, but American stupidity has a belligerent, staggering kind of quality to it that is unique.

Христо Дишков said...

You dont know much about Europe, do you?
I'm not saying anything bad about America right now because I have never been there... But what I know is that you have to get your facts right, because prostitution in Europe is MOSTLY ILLIGAL. There are only a few countries in which is legal from soon, like Germany or Spain, but in ther countries you said like Turkey, Greece etc. in which I've been many times, prostitution is strongly illegal. Dont trust wikipedia for everything and make some researches. You are talking nonsense!

Icy Bones said...

Gobs said - Just remember that without Americans most of the world would have boring television, no lights, no phones, no traffic signals, no peanut butter, no smoke detectors, no tesla coil, and millions of other things we use in daily life.

You may like to get your facts straight - a simple Google search would do it. To set you straight on who did what and where they did it:-

Television - Abbé Giovanna Caselli was Italian;
Lights - I guess you mean electric as opposed to the gas lights of Europe - Humphry Davy was English;
Telephones - Alexander Graham Bell was Scottish;
The first traffic lights were set up and running in 1868 in London;
Peanut butter, or peanut paste as others call it is known to have been made in South America by the Aztecs;
The first smoke detector was patented in the US but further developments came from various other nations;
Tesla's coil - Nikolai Tesla was Serbian who went to the US to work with Edison after working in France for a number of years but Thomas Edison lied to him and stole his inventions. Not a proud moment in US history.

Icy Bones said...

Oh, my mistake, Goobs said "boring TV" - how silly of me. Most television shows I enjoy are from England, Australia, Italy and Canada. They do not include The Simpsons, Family Guy or other similarly disturbing animations or portrayals of supposed lifestyles of the American people - although these may be a root cause of why the rest of the world think that Americans are dumb.

And whoever it was who mentioned that you can pick the American because they are so loud - I totally know what you are saying, happens here in Oz too!

werthju said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
werthju said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
werthju said...

You missed out infant male genital mutilation (known by its flowery name, circumcision) - they actually think it's normal and treat the foreskin as some kind of disease. Bloody freaks.

And when you try debating with them about it, they show SO much ignorance.

Robert Paige said...

I am an American and I am not illiterate...I can PROVE that my parents were married !!!!

Aquaria said...

"Have you ever actually talked to anyone before in america?"

You're actually declaring that Americans aren't stupid when you don't seem to realize that America is supposed to be capitalized?

"Did you take your head out of your asshole for just one second to say hello to someone else in america?
No, you didn't, because if you did, they'd say hello back and start talkign with you."

If they didn't shoot you, or tell you to shut up, or tell you that you're stupid for being educated.

I live here, scum, and that's the kind of stupid crap you inbred nitwits say.

"Would a stupid person do that?"

You obviously would, since you're the stupidest person to post here.

"What made you think that way?"

Oh, I don't know--Maybe it was talking to obnoxious nitwits like you who can't think coherently, much less communicate thus n your own language!

"I can tell, just from reading this post, that you have absolutly no life and never go outside, just like the "americans" you talked about."

I can tell that you might not have made it to fourth grade. You couldn't have gotten that far in school with such atrocious writing skills, surely.

"I've actually traveled the world. I've been to europe, america, mexico, china, austrailia, and I can see clearly that people aren't stupid. I don't judge them by their race or looks or what they know."

Uh huh. That's why you're so certain that this person has never been to America, or to another country, or hasn't dealt with people as stupid as you before, when you have ZERO evidence to back that up.

Hint: Making things up to win an argument makes you look like a moron.

"Some people in this world can't afford to earn a fucking proper education like you privilaged bastard can."

Every American gets to go to school. It's not our fault if most of them don't care about learning anything from the experience, as you so amply demonstrate.

"If you really were to travel the world, and see what my eyes have seen, then you wouldn't have thought of yourself as being is fucking high."

If you'd bothered to read what he's talking about for comprehension, you wouldn't be making such a fool of yourself saying these stupid things for which you have ZERO evidence.

Only a moron isn't shocked at how little Americans know about the most basic subjects. There are numerous studies which reveal that:

40% of Americans don't know what country is immediately south of the United States!

Half of Americans don't know that Judaism predates Christianity.

Only one in 1000 Americans know all five freedoms granted in the First Amendment. 44% can't define the Bill of Rights. Only 25% of Americans know that a Senate term is 6 years. Only 20% know that there are 100 Senators. Only 40% of Americans can name the three branches of government. Two-thirds don't know what the Food and Drug Administration DOES.

So yes, Americans are stupid.

"I'm not saying that people in america don't lie, or steal, cheat or do all that bullshit."

Why are you bringing up moral issues in a discussion about KNOWLEDGE? Bringing up completely irrelevant matters to a discussion is what morons do, you know.


Aquaria said...

"What I'm saying is that you should get some balls and take a look at the big picture, not like that tiny shit you look at right now."

We are looking at the big picture, of things like what Americans KNOW.

Meanwhile, you are Exhibit A in just how stupid most Americans are. You can't spell, you can't write a cogent paragraph, you can't make a substantive point without resorting to personal attacks or irrelevancies, and you just make up crap out of thin air with ZERO evidence to back it up, as easily as you breathe.

In short, you are exactly the kind of American moron the article is about, and you're so stupid that you don't know it!

Thanks for going above and beyond in being a living example of the very moron American the post is about!

Aquaria said...

:::I'm an American, and about the only thing I'm proud of is our brave men and women in the armed forces.:::

Look, I was actually in the military and I know that it's full of idiots, just like anything else. There are good people and bad people in uniform. Being in the military DOES NOT NEGATE THAT, you utter moron.

Really, we don't want idiots like you sucking up to us. I know what my service was, and I don't need validation from the likes of you about it.

Aquaria said...

:::if something is confusing or something just listen to what ron paul says:::

He's a racist who hates women and wants to steal from the poor to give to the rich.

:::I think exactly like him:::

Then you're an idiot and a woman-hating racist scumbag.

:::he is a really wise man:::

He's a moron, and ANTI-liberty for women and brown people. That makes him (and you) a moronic scumbag.

:::and really seems like the only guy in the election that acctually have any common sense.:::

When did being a woman-hating racist exploiter of the workers of America become sensible?

:::I can not get why such a idiot like mitt romney gets so many votes:::

He's smarter than Ron Paul, and wouldn't have trampled on women as much, and you're calling him an idiot? Are you high?

:::well I think i know: you are so ignorant. you americans should wake up. NOW:::

If you consider it waking up to vote in genocidal jesus freaks like Ron Paul, then American is better off staying asleep. Then they'd be grateful for silly nightmares like going to work naked.

I hope you know that you immediately exposed yourself as a complete moron with that one paragraph.

It's good to know there are idiots outside of America, too. Thanks for confirming it for me.

Aquaria said...

"This fight is pointless."

Only to people who think stupidity is a virtue.

"Why fight over who is smarter or who is stupid."

Do you think having a nation of morons will be beneficial to that nation's society or economy in the long run?

"Is everyone in high school?"

Did you ever make it there? Your arguments are so facile that it seems you haven't.

"There are all different kinds of people in the world and no matter the race, religion, country, backgroung,we are all the same."

1) Postmodernist nonsense. 2) No, people aren't all the same. Some of us value knowledge. And some of us don't, as you demonstrate.

:::Everyone wants to be happy and live their lives.:::

A lot of people, like me, consider happiness to derive from not being a total ignoramaus, but you clearly feel that being a moron is the way to go.

Sad, really.

:::Every country has their fill of stupid people, its a universal thing.:::

There's having your fill, and there's being overrun with blithering idiots, as America most certainly IS.

"Saying all Americans are stupid is like saying all Asians cannot drive, or all Middle Easterns are terrorist."

That's not what was said. It's saying that too many Americans are complete morons.

And they are.

"Its simpley not true."

When only 20% of your people know that there are 100 Senators or name the three branches of government, you're not a bright country.

:::In every country you will find different people:::

More postmodernist sniveling.

It's not about DIFFERENCES in people. It's about having a SOCIETY and a CULTURE that values education and knowledge, stupid.

Try to keep up.

::: and no one has the right to judge people.:::

We certainly can judge people who willfully try to send us all back to the stone age of stupidity and willfully want to do away with all that we've learned in human history, moron.

:::Let people be happy and focus on your own life.:::

My idea of happiness involves having an advanced technological and economically viable culture, so that I can be free to live a life without having it ruined by people who aren't smart enough to give me all the amenities of modern life.

:::No one is perfect and until you are I wouldnt be so judgemental.:::

You just don't know how to make an intelligent point at all, do you?

Nobody said anything about perfection, idiot. That's you being a lying little drama queen making a stupid, irrelevant point in an utterly moronic way.

We're talking about NOT BEING SO STUPID as to make utterly moronic arguments like you did in that vacuous screed.

Run along now. The adults are talking and don't have time for your puerile arguments and bottomless ignorance.

Christian Weller said...

I remember years ago I was watching the NBA finals... I was quite shocked to see that the winner of the season was labelled 'World Champion'. Whatever reason you give me for this, there are only 2 possibilities: stupid or arrogant.

Andro Kuchuberia said...

Well written. Americans lack common everyday sense. Like how how to raise kids,what to say where ,and what not to say. I dont want to sound as a misogynist or anti feminist. But most american women like taking control in a relationship. They love being in control. I dont have a problem with that only of course if u know what to say and act appropriately.

Jamie Mcgregor said...

I think everyone on this post needs to realise that Europe is not one place. I mean everyone is talking about it so genericly. The cultural differences between European countries like france and Britain are so great they may as well be north pole and south pole.

Steve Lessig said...

Americans are stupid because of the policies. Smart people think about what they CAN do. But because of defensive mechanisms starting in high school, policies in law, and the overwhelming amount of physiological necessities, people in America are forced to think in terms of what they CANT do. Also the euphemisms and rhetoric in this country has a lot of people brainwashed.

Apolitical Misanthrope said...

Humans are sub-species no matter what nationality we are. We get stupid every godly day.

XHiddenXSniperX said...

Lets try and end this, I'm apart of the United States, and considering your saying "american" is entirely wrong your classifying TWO continents of America as stupid, the Americas have north and south America. If you wish to generalize and aim at a specific country say, the United States, you try living here with the poor and terrible economy, as companies leave the States to head to a new country where labor is cheap, say Africa. Every company thinks about money and money alone the more they can save the more they feel they can have. This also includes third world companies, with what I just said, as companies leave there goes around 5% or so of the jobs we have available to us. I'm 19 and I'm having issues find a job I mean really now, actually most people in the state of New York barely scrape by because of the lack of income and jobs, it also doesn't help that New York is heavily taxed AND is one of the busiest places on the planet. As I said before try living here for a year and you will see how harsh it is, most countries have it better off than we do, 99% of the United States are either middle class falling to the lowest class which is close to poverty due to the 1% aka the fags and douches in the government or Hollywood stars.

Sven van Oijen said...

I am a European and I have lived in the United States. Americans are not stupid. It is a nation of 300 million people, of course they will have some stupid folks over there. People tend to forget that some of the brightest minds of the planet also call this country home. I think they are just a bit awkward with other cultures since most people do not get to meet anything other than their fellow Americans. Most of them could not point out on a map where you live.
On the flipside how many of your European friends are able to get all the capitals of every state of the United States right?
Life in European countries compared to the U.S. is just very different and both sides value different things in life. Both have their pros and cons.
They just seem unintelligent because it has a very large population, but if you would put them side to side. Europe and the U.S. harbour the same percentage of retards.

ADGmythology said...

Hi I'm american! :-D
That's an embarassed smile.
I grew up in canada and Like to travel but in all countries one phrase rings true.
"If you have to defend it, it's mist likely true."
Americans are dense self righteous meat heads.
Canadians are tim hortons loving overly polite hosers.
And the French are lets face it French...
Sometimes we need to just call.it as it is.
Fyi if you don't like U.S. Bashing, don't google search it. (And they try to defend their stupidity) o_O

Rick Moranis said...

There are in my opinion many different factors and while you can't generalize(especially not with over 300 million citizens)....I would still be ready to say in terms of ratio, Americans are by far, the dumbest people on earth. This is not relating to test scores, but in every day life, and knowledge of the rest of the world. As a Canadian who moved to Europe for a good 8 years before coming back home, there is no doubt of this. BUT! As i said, you cannot generalize, for example, 90% of americans i've met outside of the US are normal people....but travel to the states, and prepare to lose brain cells......

I use to work at the border at Niagara Falls, Americans who lived 20 minutes from the border would cross with skis on the roof, asking where to find snow close...In july...when it was over 80 degrees farenheit(Didnt want to use celsius and confuse the poor yanks reading this :P )

I once worked call center jobs for AT&T, and had people asking me if we had internet in our part of the world.....

I'm sorry, but no argument can ever change those experiences....and americans are without a doubt (On average) the absolute, dumbest, most thick people in the world....

Oh and it's really annoying that they think that everyone wants to be american for some reason, so please, stop trying to police the world, start educating your citizens, and look at a fucking map....

joe mentz said...

I'm an American. I live in NY and work in a toll booth. I see all kinds of people, everyday, from all over the world, and guess what? Most of you are stupid, ignorant, arrogant, rude assholes. And you stink. Not all, but MOST. America is just one of many countries around the world nearly filled to the brim with morons. It just so happens America has the highest idiot/intelligent ratio. Sadly, and without too much exaggeration, 85% of Americans are in fact, NOT PROPERLY EDUCATED! Then later become stupid. It doesn't start that way, but later becomes that. Ignorance perpetuates itself. Stupidity begets stupidity.

You need to focus on the cause, not the symptoms.

DanielA817 said...

I don't understand how such "intelligent" people can be content going about their day bashing another country. If you really think America is that bad, then don't concern yourself with it. Why would Americans give two shits about what people from another country think? You wonder why they don't "look over the fence"? Maybe because there are ignorant pricks judging them as soon as they stick their head up. I don't understand why people from outside the states care so much about what goes on inside them, because I guarantee Americans could care less about what you think or do.

Mike said...

Americans are great, killing innocent civilians, raping women in various parts of the world, only a civilized nation like USA can do it.........keep it up guys........fuk em all and sing burn baby burn, and fucking morons like us just sit, watch and cry

Art Loy said...

One thing Americans are more smarter at then most countries in the world is economics. Only 13 nations have a higher per capita income then the United States. And those 13 nations don't have populations bigger then 10 million while the USA has a population of 317 million. Also the United States economy is bigger the the European Union even though it has a population over 500 million. Another reason Americans are smarter then Europeans is because we invented the internet, atomic bomb, telegraph, and discovered electricity. We also have one of the most diverse countries in the world yet we have been able to unite under one nation. Europe can't unite. They have to be divided in a bunch of small countries cause they can't get along.

djbillyd said...

As sad as that is, it's more truth than we Americans can stand. Americans, for the most part, are so self centered that it's sick. We are as lazy as an old hound dog, and want to believe that, if we want to be that way, then, it's OK to be that way. I say that from personal experience. Take a look at this:

I once read before an audience, during a Q&A religious meeting. When I finished, and the meeting adjourned, this lady came up to me and said that she was totally distracted by my pronunciation of the word "s-a-y-s". I pronounce it to rhyme with "days", "ways", "pays", "plays". She, and another gentleman, actually two other gentlemen, insisted that it should be pronounced "sez". While that is a colloquial pronunciation, the very fact that it has an "alternate" pronunciation is an attestation of the lazy way we speak. To some, it is about "our" English, as opposed to "their" English. These people want to leave the "t" out of "often". They want to change "the", to "tha". And they will challenge you for it. That's just American languishing...

Poppen Report said...

Yes,Americans in huge numbers are still illiterate thanks to bad ideas like Bush Administration's even when revised;"No Child Left Behind Act".

Then Americans are generally lazy on thinking or questioning things,when they are in comfort zones of idiocracy.

You can't break old habits for the older adults,and now children or youth don't want to offend their parents or elders.

So they just agree with they commentary,and never question or hold government accountable for much of anything anymore.

And when it comes activism,they might do a petition if your lucky,but not like 60's where people fought wars honestly and upheld peace in the world.

Whereas today,if military or govt offers future of America free concert tickets or video game console for pushups on campus.

Ran by Military. They would rather play videogames,then protect our freedom and future.

manduke said...


how's this:
19% of Americans think cloud computing involves........... REAL CLOUDS

PASS THE STUPID PLEASE..............!!!!!

Murph said...

Just the grammar and swearing on these posts show how ignorant we are.

Murph said...


Grishnak said...

Americans aren't dumb. They are a conglomeration of many nationalities and the word " American" can refer to any ethnicity. People all over the world are now becoming as indoctrinated to the crap that the media calls entertainment as are Americans. Our lives are no longer based in reality. Unless you are a farmer or someone else who works in a primary field i.e: logger or other physical type activity, your occupation is based on man-made rules and artificially constructed ways of living and behaving. That is how society functions over most of the world. The need to escape the soul-sucking aspect of society is huge in some people. Some people turn to learning or physical or other accomplishment and a great many more turn to entertainment as a way to remain sedated emotionally. Too bad so much of the crap they put on tv is created to appeal to low level intelligence for the purpose of creating as many customers as possible for the advertisers. Most commercials appear to be aimed at children because they want to appeal to and to indoctrinate people as early as possible. It is not required that you be able to have a conversation on an intellectual level in many circles but you should know what celebrities are doing and be able to discuss the newest electronic devises' upgrades.
The education system is not being straightened out by the government because who is easier to control - smart people or dopey ones? Ultimately it is up to parents to tell their kids that, with the parents help, they are going to have to be the number 1 person responsible for their own level of intelligence. If all these kids keep hearing is that they are special before they even accomplish anything then what do people expect? Their tv time and other ED time needs to be limited by the parent. We aren't stupid and neither are our children but a lot of us are self-centered, ineffectual or just bad parents.

Hidden Blade said...

Whelp, as an American, I was wondering why people hated us. I work quite hard for my family, and reading all these comments was intresting.... It shocks me when I see all these people from petty countries talking crap. But whatever, continue hating to your little hearts content~